Your personal sports coach,

on demand on your TV.

The AIMOOV smart camera

Dive into the heart of the fitness revolution with our smart camera. Combining cutting-edge technology with a compact design, our camera is much more than just a device. She is your ultimate partner for a complete transformation of your workout routine. Explore what makes our camera an essential asset for your fitness journey.

aimoov cam et box

The Smartphone App

Our app is much more than just an application; it is your essential partner for an optimal training experience.

Personalize your programs, closely monitor your progress, and benefit from expert advice on each exercise.

Find out how it can help you achieve your fitness goals for free.

aimoov cam et app

Innovation that redefines your limits

We spent several years of R&D to develop advanced AI. More than just a technology, AIMOOV offers movement correction that is unique in the world. The more you use it, the more it gets to know you, adapting precisely to your specific needs.

aimoov smartphone watch

Future developments

At AI BRIGHT, we are committed to constantly improving your workout experience. We are preparing exciting surprises, including Yoga, Pilates, Stretching classes, and many others, which will enrich our offer. Additionally, we plan to integrate advanced features, such as connecting to your smartwatch for comprehensive health tracking.

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