Your Well-being companion

Get back into sport, strengthen yourself, lose weight, or just move more to live better... Whatever your goal, AIMOOV helps you achieve it faster and healthier, at home.

AIMOOV, French and sustainable technology that helps you achieve your health goals.

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Tailor-made program

A program adapted to your profile and needs: Recovery, Weight loss, Muscle strengthening...

Unlimited coaching during sessions

Your interactive coach guides you, motivates you, counts your REPs, and above all corrects your movements.

Quick results

The HIIT method, scientifically proven to be effective. 20 minutes of exercise, 24 hours of effect.

aimoov cam et app

Meet our revolutionary smart camera

Dive into the heart of the fitness revolution with our smart camera. Combining cutting-edge technology with a compact design, our camera is much more than just a device. She is your ultimate partner for a complete transformation of your workout routine. Explore what makes our camera an essential asset for your fitness journey.