Tailor-made solutions for companies wanting to set up a simple and effective APS system

If your business is in one of these common situations, AIMOOV Entreprises is
made for you:

  • is one of the 69% of French companies facing the challenge of setting up a Corporate Physical Activity (APS) system for your employees, but the lack of time or personnel complicates the realization of this energizing initiative.
  • like 62% of French companies, it already has an APS system, but you do not fully measure the benefits of this approach.
  • like 44% of companies, your premises are not ideally suited to collective physical activity.

Whether your premises are geographically dispersed and you want to strengthen the social bond between your colleagues, or whether you wish to attract the best talents by putting forward an innovative approach to
improve the Quality of Life at Work (QVT) and the health of your teams, AIMOOV Enterprise has the solution adapted to your needs!

The benefits of AIMOOV Entreprises

Dive into a tailor-made solution with AIMOOV Enterprise. Whether you are looking to overcome the challenges of implementing a Corporate Physical Activity (APS) system due to lack of time or staff, or to maximize the benefits of an already existing system, our individualized approach offers optimal flexibility for each employee. Offer your employees the opportunity to play sports at home, thus transforming their homes into an environment conducive to motivation, stress reduction, and strengthening cohesion within your team. Build loyalty among your staff, strengthen your employer brand, and contribute to the national effort to get France moving for 30 minutes every day, while concretely measuring the benefits of your investment


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