Summer Bodysuit

🌞 Summer Body Offer: Start now to shine this summer!

Do you dream of a sculpted and fit summer body? Our exclusive “Summer Body” offer is the key to achieving your wellness aspirations. Don't delay, start now and get ready to shine this summer!

What you get:

  • AIMOOV Smart Cam: Capture every moment of your fitness journey with our cutting-edge smart camera, transforming your space into a personal fitness studio.

  • 6 Months Premium Subscription: Access personalized training sessions, exclusive follow-ups, and an expanded catalog of evolving programs. Save €30 by paying only €60 instead of €89.94 for your 6-month subscription.

Why choose the Summer Body Offer?

  1. 💪 Substantial savings: Save €30 while enjoying all the benefits of our Premium subscription and Smart Cam.

  2. 🗓️ Start Now for a Summer Ready Body: This offer allows you to start now to ensure you have the body you want this summer. Every workout is a step toward a healthier, more confident version of yourself.

  3. 🎁 A 6-month commitment: Extend your motivation by committing to 6 months. Consistency is key to lasting results, and this offering helps you stay on the path to your transformation all season long.

Don't miss this opportunity to start your journey to the ideal body now. Choose the Summer Body Offer today and get ready to shine in the summer sun!

Offer available for a limited time. 🌟

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Tailor-made program

A program adapted to your profile and needs: Recovery, Weight loss, Muscle strengthening...

Unlimited coaching during sessions

Your interactive coach guides you, motivates you, counts your REPs, and above all corrects your movements.

Quick results

The HIIT method, scientifically proven to be effective. 20 minutes of exercise, 24 hours of effect.

aimoov cam et app

Meet our revolutionary smart camera

Dive into the heart of the fitness revolution with our smart camera. Combining cutting-edge technology with a compact design, our camera is much more than just a device. She is your ultimate partner for a complete transformation of your workout routine. Explore what makes our camera an essential asset for your fitness journey.